LastPass: Collapse


The Challenge:

Write a piece of shareable social content that emphasizes one of the core problems LastPass addresses for consumers: the frustration of forgetting one of a thousand internet passwords you have.

The Solution:

A microvideo that shows a series of quick cuts, each highlighting different moments from when someone assembles their own Ikea-style furniture – tight shots of hammering, drilling, wood joints locking together, etc. At the end of the montage, we see a pristine-looking piece of furniture, proudly assembled. After a beat, we hear unsteady creaking, and then the entire piece collapses, followed by the text, “THIS IS HOW IT FEELS WHEN YOU FORGET YOUR PASSWORD.”

Posting copy: You deserve to have nice things. Don’t let passwords stop you. Get LastPass for reliable access to your passwords.

Production: Dave Zeller

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