Allstate Insurance: Snapchat Ads – March Mayhem


The Challenge:

Create a series of Snapchat ads for Allstate that naturally align their Mayhem campaign with March Madness, to be run during the official March Madness story. Each piece should match the natural look and feel of Snapchat content.

The Solution:

A series of microvideos that show that “March Mayhem” is everywhere – from your bracket going up in smoke, to an unlucky bounce of the ball. Each video highlights an example of real world damage that can be caused by Mayhem, and the damage would all be basketball tournament related. For example:

  • A busted March Mayhem bracket that has crashed and burned so badly that it spontaneously bursts into flames, setting off the fire alarm and the sprinklers.
  • A basketball flies through the air and lands directly on a car windshield, shattering the glass. The spidered cracks spread out to form a bracket.

The Result:

Production: Dave Zeller
Production: Craig Bragg

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