Hitachi: Performance Cable


The Challenge:

Create an easy-to-digest video showcasing Hitachi performance cables, which provide the backbone of the infrastructure that makes modern communication possible.

The Solution: An animated video that follows the path of a text message from one phone to a series of other devices, demonstrating how behind even the simplest of business communications, there is massive infrastructure that makes it all possible. The video would open on a tight shot of a smartphone that has just sent a simple text message like “Hey team, we closed the deal!” The camera would then follow the “message” (the information being sent) through the Hitachi performance cables that are needed to relay data once the wireless information has been received. As we follow the message to the devices people are carrying in different parts of an office (a conference room, a cubicle, the factory, etc.), different information about Hitachi performance cables would be displayed, along with brief explanations of how they can contribute to the communication infrastructure we often take for granted. At the conclusion of the video, the message would arrive at another phone. The phone would text back, “Let’s celebrate!” The camera would then zoom out to reveal different members of the team celebrating together.

Posting copy: A single message can make all the difference in a deal. Hitachi performance cables don’t just help make business happen, they help you celebrate when it does.

The Result:

Production: Daniel Johnson

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