Hitachi: Super Bowl


The Challenge:

Create social content that highlights Hitachi’s Non-SF6 Vacuum Circuit Breakers, which provide low maintenance costs and no greenhouse gas emissions, in the context of a social conversation that is relevant to Hitachi’s audience.

The Solution:

An animated video that shows how Hitachi’s Non-SF6 Vacuum Circuit Breakers can help make Super Bowl Sunday environmentally friendly and cost efficient, by helping power the TVs and devices fans are watching across the country, with no greenhouse emissions and greater long term savings. The video would open on an exciting football play, and then zoom out to reveal that the game is being shown on a TV screen in a family’s home. TV and mobile viewership facts and figures would be displayed (Ex: last year’s game drew an average audience of 114.4 million television viewers) as well as information on how much energy is required to power these devices. The video would then cut to information about non-SF6 circuit Non-SF6 Vacuum Circuit Breakers, depicted as though they were football plays being drawn up by a coach on the sideline. The information would share how Hitachi continues to develop high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers that offer no greenhouse gases and reduced maintenance costs over their lifetime versus SF6 breakers.

Posting copy: The Big Game is a big deal in millions of homes across the country. Thanks to game-changing Hitachi innovations like Non-SF6 Circuit Breakers, delivering electricity to #football fans across America is becoming more efficient and environmentally conscious – a winning combination.

The Result:

Production: Jack Sabbath, Craig Bragg

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